偏光片切片机 Polarizer slicing machine
偏光片切片机 Polarizer slicing machine


    PZP-1220B slicer is specially designed for slicing polarizer in LCD industry. PLC control and TP display are used in the machine. The cutting width of the vertical or horizontal direction can be selected through the switches. The parameters on cutting width can be changed by TP and 300 different groups of the cutting parameters can be stored in it. The cutting width, slice numbers can be displayed on line and the data will not miss after the outage. It has the functions such as click forward, click backward, pause, sudden pause and cover protection. SEW speed cut motor imported from Germany is used as driving motor. The soft transmission can be realized through belt transmission. While accurately controlling the cutting depth, it can greatly improve the cutting speed (max 120times/min) and cutting precision (minimum deviation 0.1mm). Top knife beam is hollow structure, which, under the condition of safeguarding the strength, can reduce the noise while ensuring that operator can control the cutting depth conveniently.

设备型号 Type


最大切口宽度(mm)   The max notch width


最大切割厚度(mm)   The max slicing thickness


胶条规格(mm)    Adhesive tape specification


切刀规格(mm)    Cutter specification


切片宽度(mm)  Slice width

1 ~ 1100

承料基板(mm)    Loading substrate


切片精度(mm)slice accuracy


slice speed

大发pk10辅助 The max up to 120/min (automatically adjusting slicing speed according to the slice width )


三相 AC 380V Three- phase 380V

外观尺寸(mm) Boundary dimension


大发pk10辅助     可根据客户要求订制 The machine can be made according to the customer’s requirements

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